Online Application

Wow! This is our way of saying: “we’re really smart!”, but we can’t help it, if this is the truth. So, we also know how to do all these “initials and words”, because we’re really passionate about this field. Rich Internet Application or RIA is actually a web application that looks like a web app, but behaves like a desktop app.

Let’s go deeper and find out more about RIA

At the beginning (back in the stone age of internet), web apps were usually made out of static pages. But then RIA popped up and everything changed. The main difference between a desktop application and a web application is that any interaction with a web page ends up with the reloading of a whole new page. Desktop apps have the advantage of providing better user interactivity because they are done on the user’s machine. So, what should my product be - a desktop app or a web app?

The answer proved to be quite simple and innovative: a RIA. Rich Internet Application manage to take the best of both worlds, being distributed on the web, while maintaining an impressive user interactivity.


And what’s with all those funny-looking names?

Those names define frameworks used by our developers to create fabulous rich internet applications. Let’s find out a bit more about them:


HTML5 – this is actually the latest development in the world of RIAs, bringing under one set of initials the best of smart technologies such as HTML4, JavaScript, Flash and CSS; all popular browsers support this technology, despite its novelty; it handles graphics and animation wonderfully.


jQuery – this is a JavaScript framework that facilitates the use of JavaScript on websites; although it doesn’t replace JavaScript, it offers syntactical shortcuts and simplifying the number of lines needed in JavaScript; basically it tries to make JavaScript developers lives’ easier and it succeeds; it’s one of the most popular JavaScript framework out there, and it comes with a wide range of plugins and lovely syntax.


Flex Builder – a powerful, application framework, Flex Builder is the mastermind behind mobile applications for iOs, Android and Blackberry Tablet OS devices, so it’s like the air for smartphone users; it is also used for apps for desktop and browsers; it comes with a set of user interface components and utilities to pave the way for easier development of visual applications.



Unless you want to specialize in this field, let the online application development with us. We already know all there is to know about developing rich internet applications, and are continuing to learn new things as we speak. Call us now and find out how many things we know about the world of apps and frameworks.