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PronsPro CarDealer Software was designed to fill the demand for car dealership to provide a friendly, responsive and, SEO ready solution for they're customers.
Our solution is capable of holding unlimited inventory and, also provide all the tools necessary for your customers to sell their vehicles, ask for vehicle quotes and contact you directly through your website.
Also, but not least, the system allows you to host other dealers by assigning an account as a dealer. Dealer accounts have inventory management tools to help them customize their posts. As the wise man said, a picture worth a thousand words so, you will find plenty of technical information and, a live demo on this page. Have fun!

On the video at your right, you can check how the installation process was made simple. The software ensures the server requirements are meet within the installation process.

Online Demo

Unlike our competitors, we don't require you to book or request access to our software for demo purposes. We are confident that our solution will always stay one step ahead of our competition. You may fully experience what we offer through our car dealer solution without restriction and privately.

Try PronsPro CarDealer Software

Use one of the authentication data below to access PronsPro CarDealer Software's back-end. Don't hesitate in contacting us if you have further questions.

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PronsPro CarDealer Software is available on our online-shop. Check below the server requirements for installation:

Requirement Version
PHP 5.2 or superior
MySQL 5++
PHP GD Lib Enabled
PHP ZipArchive Lib Enabled
PHP ModRewrite Enabled
PHP mysql Lib Enabled
Server Apache or IIS*

* on IIS, module to enable .htaccess is required

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User Interface features

PronsPro CarDealer Software can be customized to any design to fit your company's flag. We deploy the power of Bootstrap 3.0 and jQuery to deliver responsiveness and awesome user experience. It also applies to mobile users! PronsPro CarDealer Software is currently enhancing thousands of car dealership website world wide!


PronsPro CarDealer Software has many features for the customer end, the dealer account end, the administrator account end, and, of course, the guest front-page.
All features are described within the documentation which can be downloaded on the live demo box above but, here are some of the highlights regarding about what the software can offer. Updates and new modules + description can be found through our news page.

Admin Shortcut Panel

Been a car dealer webmaster can be time consuming. Keeping that in mind, we added shortcuts for the most used tools so it can be easily located.

Adding vehicles

We provide 2 ways to add vehicles to your inventory: through the vehicle form, through CSV import and, through VIN decoder* which retrieves the vehicle information automatically.

Multi Language

The software comes with 3 languages pre-installed: English, Spanish and, Italian. More languages can be easily add through the language installer or, easily translated through the language pack creator system.

Multi Access Groups

Registered users are automatically assigned to the customer's group. The administrator may change the group to the dealer's group which will give access to all dealer tools and inventory management apps.

Custom Framework

PronsPro CarDealer Software has been built from ground-up. No open-source framework (such as WordPress, Joomla, CodeIgniter, etc) was used. It was built specifically to support the tool directed to the auto industry.

SEO Ready

All efforts has been made to provide automatically generated SEO tags so your page may get properly indexed by Gloogle and other search engines. We also included microtags which allows you to share your inventory on social network.


All of our efforts to provide a great solution would not mean much if a great support was not placed. But, don't take our word for it, check what our customers are saying.

Help your customers

Our primary goal is to help your potential buyers to find what they are looking for. To achieve that goal, we added simple and advanced searching tools along which suggested vehicles boxes.


We took our time to write a powerful yet easy and flexible framework to support our dealership solution. But, sometimes something more is needed. If you don't find a module that you required, we can build it for you. click here to find out how we can help your company by deploying custom modules and features.

* VIN decoder is provided by which requires API registration in order to be activated.