Web design

As you probably know, first impression matters! Well, your website is exactly this: your chance to make an outstanding first impression to visitors! Take advantage of this and make sure you have a professional and attractive website. Website design is as important for your website as a business card is important for a business person.


HTML or PSD – which works best for you?

While some website owners may know a thing or two about SEO, when it comes to HTML and PSD, things tend to get blurry. But, not to worry, our team of HTML and PSD experts is here to make everything clearer and deliver gorgeous websites.


What is HTML?

Without getting too much into boring details, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Since this won’t probably help either, we add the fact that HTML is not a programming language, but a simple way of describing how texts and images get to be displayed to users. The HTML is the skeleton of a webpage. HTML is responsible not only for the displayed text, but also for holding the text and images in the right places.


What is PSD?

PSD, on the other hand, is a Photoshop design file, usually opened and edited with Adobe Photoshop. It is widely used for web design and, the funny thing is that it can be turned into HTML code by talented web developers like us. A great PSD is always well organized and layered and has as a final result a pixel-perfect website design.


How can we help?

Nowadays, more and more website owners focus on having mobile friendly websites. Responsiveness is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, especially if you want to have a high ranking website. Our team of web designers can guarantee a responsive website, which works perfectly on any type of gadget and screen size.

We design fully functional websites that:


Don’t try and design your website following DIY videos, if you want to have a professional and highly functional website. Not everybody can be a web designer, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Web designing is a vast and complex field, and you need to work with experts if you want an attractive website that doesn’t disappoint. Contact us today!