Easy to use

PronsPro IM has been designed to reduce the learning curve on complex solutions.

Track your inventory

Track each vehicle, parts and, documents in your dealership. No more time wasted.

Multi-language support

Allow your employees and customers to work with their own language.

No 3rd party hardware

PronsPro IM requires no 3rd party hardware (such as GPS boxes) to track your inventory.

App design features

The goal of the mobile app is to improve efficiency of your employees and, allow the dealer principal for a better understanding of the business process.

  • Professionally designed

    No visual distractions, no clustered information.

  • Customizable interface

    The app allows for branding customization.

  • Online support

    Fast access to from 1st to 3rd level support.

PronsPro mobile UX Design.
  • Compatibility

    Available on Google Play, Apple Store and, WebApp formats. 99% mobile compatibility.

  • Security

    100% control over who accesses the app. Access log control enabled.

  • Free updates

    New features are made available to all customers free of charge.

Back office

The back office allows principal dealers to manage and oversee rooftop dealership through 3 different access groups.

  • Unlimited rooftops registration

    Register all your rooftops without restriction.

  • 3 different access groups

    Provides control of what your employees can see and do within the system.

  • Unlimited employees registration

    Create as many employee accounts as your business requires.

PronsPro backoffice UX Design.
  • Vehicle location track history

    Oversee your fleet location history, including vehicles on test drive.

  • DMV Log control

    Manage DMV logs for each vehicles, accessible through PronsPro IM app.

  • QRCode tracking

    Multi-function QRCode™ technology which allows the same QRCode to be scanned by any mobile device and, trough PronsPro IM app.

Vehicle inventory listing

Through your backoffice, you may enable your inventory to be listed on our website platform.

Nissan theme.
Acura theme.
GMC theme.
Honda theme.
Hyundai theme.
KIA theme.
Lexus theme.
Toyota theme.

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