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PronsPro solutions provide dealerships with ultimate overview over the inventory of individual rooftops or, in all rooftops. Through compreensive reports, the principal dealer and floor manager are able to optimize the inventory inspection and compliance with the DMV.

Mobile application

Secured access

Access to the app is monitored. Reports are available to the principal dealer and managers.

DMV Logs

DMV logs for each vehicle in the lot are available through the app in digital format.

Multi-function QRCodes

Generate multi-function QRCodes for your inventory for internal tracking and marketing purposes.


Break the language barrier by allowing your employees to use PronsPro IM in their native language.

Instant inventory check

Learn the current service stage and, time used in each step. Time is money!

Vehicle images

Manage your vehicle pictures directly through your mobile device.


Register vehicle test-drive through the app. No time to waste!

VIN Decoder

Register new vehicles to your inventory through VIN numbers.


Authentication groups

The principal dealer may create accounts for it's employees and assign them to different access groups.

Service efficiency

Optimize vehicle services in order to reduce operational costs.

Inventory tracking

Track parts inventory and documents directly from the app.

DMS/DRM integration

Push status information to your management software system through XML notifications.

Vehicle recall

View recall notifications for each vehicle listed on NHTSA.


Principal dealer can communicate directly to all employees through a single interface.

Vehicle image

Integration with AutoSights.com's vehicle image API for vehicles without images and, user manuals.


Vehicle documents instantly available to managers and principal dealer.

Inventory pages

Vehicle details

Self managed vehicle inventory website requires no human intervention.

Bidding system

Manager may allocate vehicles to the bidding platform based on inventory age.


Your inventory is made available to the public in multi-language format.

Sub-domain option

For your/marketing convinience, your inventory may be registered as sub-domain from your own domain.

Sync services

FTP import

Automate the inventory import process via FTP.

Inventory export

Export your inventory in supported system languages.

Daily backups

To ensure your data is safe, your data is backed up daily.

Life cycle

All vehicles are automatically cleared from your inventory after 5 years, demanded by federal law.

Google Partner

Automation to push your inventory to Google daily.

Embed apps

Options filter

Allow your customers to search vehicles by options.

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Vehicle plate search

Get vehicle information by plate number.

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Vehicle loan calculator

Allow your customers to calculate and check for credit availability on a simple form.

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